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Artist Video of the Week

  • $75
  • Distribute your Video to over 35,000 subscribers including radio programmers, djs, influencers, music executives, bloggers and tastemakers, video programming Dept at local tv networks, Bet and MTV. This is a great tool in generating organic views and subscribers. This promotion is effective in artist development and aids connecting the dots with the Artist and the Single. Content stays on the site. There is no expiration.

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Artist “New Music Article“ Newsletter

  • $150
  • Distribute your story to the music industry weekly newsletter "New Music" Section that has over 25,000 subscribers including radio programmers , djs , influencers and music executives . The article will include artist bio, single, social media and video. Content provided by client and we will create and develop the design. Content stays on the site. 

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Single of the Month

  • $200
  • We work with the artist to pick the best album cut that best fits the genre and audience. We offer a one month stream of that single that is the focus track. This can work well with indie artist that are building momentum to lead up to an album or EP release. We will also share the promotion on our Instagram and Facebook post.

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Album Spotlight of the Month

  • $250
  • Great tool of exposure of an artist release. This promotion creates awareness for the artist to let the music industry, playlisters (Spotify & YouTube), radio programmers & djs, Taster makers and influencers aware of a new album in the market place. We will include a Spotify or Amazon link of the album as part of the campaign. We will also share the promotion on our Instagram and Facebook post.

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