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Radio Airplay Experts has strong relationships that we have developed over the years that has allowed us to market and promote songs Radio Airplay Experts has strong relationships that we have developed over the years that has allowed us to market and promote songs within the radio broadcasting community at all levels Internet, Satellite, College and Terrestrial Commercial FM Radio. We specialize in Urban, Pop, Rap, Dance,  Alternative, Rock, Gospel, and Jazz formats.

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You will receive weekly radio tracking reports  (BDS / Mediabase or DigitalRadioTracker (DRT) Report) either on Mondays or Tuesdays depending on the type of campaign selected. These radio reports will include the radio stations that added your music to rotation, the number of spins you received for the week, total spin count per radio station and much more!

We will digitally deliver your broadcast quality MP3 (128 kbps or better) to the station panel you selected for radio airplay consideration on your “Add” date.

Your music will also be saved on our servers where radio station programmers will have access to it any time during your radio campaign.

Our experienced staff will follow-up with the radio station programmers via both phone calls and emails to confirm they have your music and are considering it for radio airplay. In addition, an E-Blast of your music will be sent to the radio station programmers one week after the “Add” date as a reminder of your music and to reemphasize direct visibility and overall awareness.

Why Digital Radio Promotions with Radio airplay experts?

"Increase Download Sales"

"Increase Residuals From Sound Exchange"

"Increase Social Media"

"Create New Contacts"

"Test Your Song"

Estimated Audience Listenership
50,000 per Week and Growing Daily!!!
Over 500 Tweets Per Campaign From Stations
Reaching Thousands On Social Media!!!!


Who uses Radio Airplay Experts Digital Reports?
It is used by artist and artist-managers, record labels, marketing companies, concert tour promoters, booking agents, publishing companies, music supervisors, radio networks, A&R's, talent scouts, radio station programmers, DJ's, advertising agencies, entertainment attorneys, music related companies and many more!


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